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Victoria Presbytery and BC Conference make funds available to assist children, youth, young adults and families to participate in experiences and training that cultivates their faith life and serves God. Individual United Church congregations usually have funds set aside for this purpose too. Talk with your church's children, family and youth minister, and your congregational minister to find out how to receive financial support from your congregation, then apply to as many other funds as you can for your remarkable opportunity happen! Some camps, retreats and events have their own bursaries set aside to help their participants attend. You are empowered to ask for what you need!

If you have a little extra that you can share, please do! You can sweeten the pot by donating to these bursary funds, or committing to cover the cost of a camper or participant to any retreat or camp, or training event. If you need ideas for how to financially support children & family, youth & young adults ministry and their leadership in your congregation or in our presbytery, talk with your children & family minister, or congregational minister.

Victoria Presbytery Youth & Young Adult Bursary Fund

Youth and Young Adult Bursary Fund's purpose is: 

  • To encourage young people to be involved in the life of the United Church at every level.
  • To affirm and support the participation of youth and young adults in the “out of the ordinary” events which are recognized to have a powerful impact on the spiritual and social lives of young people.
  • To make youth/young adults events financially accessible and to provide equal opportunity to attend such events to all the young people in the Victoria and Area Presbytery.
  • To encourage that funding comes from the home church/ministry, the applicant, and Presbytery (1/3, 1/3, 1/3)
  • To provide a means by which congregations and individuals within congregations can support youth and young adult ministry in the Victoria and area Presbytery. Click here for Victoria Presbytery Youth & Young Adults Bursary Fund Application information.

The Imagine Fund of the BC Conference

The Imagine Fund exists to assist individuals to apply for grants to attend Educational Events related to Faith and Leadership Development. Grants are given to those Youth and Young Adults most in need who may not be able to participate in events unless they receive this grant. The Grants committee will consider the question: how will this experience enhance the ministry by and for Youth and Young Adults and encourage their involvement in the life of the United Church of Canada. Proposals must clearly address the goals of the British Columbia Conference of healthy congregations, effective leadership and faithful public witness. Click here to for Imagine Fund Application information.

The Congregational Learning Fund

The Congregational Learning Fund for Leaders exists to support leadership development events (courses and workshops) for lay leaders and ministry personnel in the BC Conference. These events will focus on the goals of the British Columbia Conference of healthy congregations, effective leadership and faithful public witness. Events that meet the established criteria are eligible for grants.

Victoria Presbytery ProVision Fund

The ProVision Fund of Victoria Presbytery has been established by the Presbytery and BC Conference to support new forms of ministry in the Presbytery which address the criteria below. Projects should demonstrate that they are inspired, aim to make a difference, and are grounded in the love of God. The ProVision Fund is intended to support new ministry projects, not to maintain existing congregations, chaplaincies or outreach ministries. The project should:

  1. articulate a strong faith commitment, and respond to a call, vision, sense of mission or defined need
  2. be innovative and creative, and may be experimental or risky
  3. create a new way of "being church" that is relevant to its time and location
  4. promote an experiential understanding of what it means to be Christian (through education, spiritual practice, word in action, service, etc.)
  5. be rooted in a community, possibly integrating or partnering with other agencies, congregations, organizations, or faith groups
  6. provide opportunities for transferable learning that will benefit other congregations, ministries or presbyteries

The full application information and process can be found here.

The United Church of Canada Foundation

In 2002 the Executive of the General Council of the United Church of Canada created the Foundation as an arm’s length body that is expert in the management of the trusts and endowments that support the work of the Church now and forever. There are many funds including several that support:

  • The United Church Archives
  • United Church Congregations and related organizations
  • The Mission & Service of the church
  • New Ministries

To learn more about the Foundation and what we offer please download our Information Booklet. Foundation staff welcomes any questions you have about the Foundation’s history, mission, and activities. You may reach them at 1-866-340-8223 or by email.