South Island First Third Ministries: connecting United Church children, youth, family and young adult ministries in the Victoria Presbytery

Who is SIFT?

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SIFT Ministries is a network of leaders who empower those who are in the First Third Stage in Life (children, youth, young adults and young families) to engage with, and build active relationships in United Church communities across the Coast Salish|Southern Vancouver Island region! 

The Network

The SIFT Ministries Network is made up of people whose work and passion lay with progressive Christian ministry with children, youth and young adults. We're volunteer leaders, paid staff and ministers, and congregational members in churches and chaplaincies within the Coast Salish | Southern Vancouver Island United Church region (called "Victoria Presbytery"). 

As a group, we are committed to ministering with youth, young adults, children and families in ways that cultivates our inclusive United Church of Canada theology, serves God and our communities, and resonates with the spirit of the first third we are blessed to work with and for. 

This website is a hub for everyone connected to SIFT Ministries - to share the spirited faith-life of our work. Explore this site and engage yourself with congregations, resources, opportunities, and inspiration!
On our website you'll find:
Happenings :: events, opportunities and invitations
Calendar :: what's happening, when and where
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Bursary $ :: access funding 
Inspiration :: links to children, family, youth and young adult ministry resources 
Partners :: discover the wider United Church community and ministries

If you'd like something added to this site, see an edit, or notice something is terribly out of date, please email us (cut and paste it), or use the contact form below.

We're a volunteer-driven network! Please embrace patience when you contact us. It may be a couple of days before you receive a reply, and replies may come from a different network members.




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